Contact Us

Visit The Peppersoup Lounge at 6, Agungi road, Lekki or call/WhatsApp us: +234 907-346-4366 to place orders for yourself and those you care about. Our regular Customers include Enjoyment Ministers like you and people in the following categories:

  1. 1. Weight Watchers (helps with detoxification and diet portioning)
    2. Pregnant Women (helps with nausea and spicy cravings)
    3. Nursing Mothers (helps with milk production and bounce-back)
    4. Mums-to-be (helps with womb detoxification and preparation for conception)
    5. Hospital Patients (helps with speedy recovery)

Even if you’re not in Nigeria, we can still deliver to anyone on your behalf and add some special treats to the surprise package – like greeting cards, balloons, cakes, music and more! Our prices start at just ₦1,000 Naira per plate.

Hurray!!! We just released our blended Peppersoup spices in plastic jars for just ₦1,500 Naira per jar and guess what? We ship worldwide! Call or chat with us to order: +234 907-346-4366. Stay tuned to what else is new with The Peppersoup Lounge on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Our handle is @thepeppersouplounge on all platforms except Twitter, which is: @thepeppersoupl.